Cleansing Mousse 150Ml

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Benefits: Removes makeup residue and skin impurities inside the pores clear. Hypoallergenic micro-foam cleanser enriched with Coconut Surfactant to reduce moisture loss. Mositurises skin and prevent moisture loss by reinforcing moisture barrier with 63 % of Maple Tree Sap. Supplies rich moisture, leaves skin purified, smooth and supple without dryness after cleansing. Soft, lightweight mousse feel enables gentle application and full coverage of your face How to use: 1. Slightly wet your face with water. 2. Pump 1 - 2 times to apply the content onto face. Gently lather and massage into skin in circular motion. 3. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm to cool water. Finish with toner and remaining steps of skincare regimen.

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