Bub Epur Bath Additive Travel Rosemary & Eucalyptus

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A bath preparation developed on the concept of sweating cycling. Epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulfate), which is the topic of ultrafine carbonate, which is also a feature of Bub, is plus, therefore sweat will come out with usual bathing time. Even if in shortage of exercise, sweat will be steadily sweat, therefore the bathing up is refreshing as the body got lighter. The quantity used instantly can be easily measured with the scale attached to the lid and you will be familiar with the hot water in a moment so you can enjoy the carbonated bath immediately. Enjoy the smell of natural herbs and comfortable bathing so that it seemed like could drift off to sleep with ultra fine carbonic acid. rosemary & Eucalyptus scent: A scent with a refreshing sensation recommended when you want to change your mood. Eucalyptus sweet and refreshing feeling seems to be useful after sweating with exercise. How to use: Put the pack 50g in the bathtub (150-200 L). Since powder may remain on the bottom, bathe after stirring well and melting. Pack Size - 50g

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