Ause Mask 0.1G X 24

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Drop off old horny, flush type pack. Proteolytic enzyme (protease) formulation to remove accumulated old horny, wash-off type pack. Prepares texture, gives the skin a sense of transparency. AUSE mask and AUSE pickup cream are mixed and used. How to use: Add an AUSE mask to the unwrapped packaging and mix with the attached spatula until smooth. Clean your skin after cleansing, so that your skin can be washed away from the eyes. After 3 to 10 minutes, gently remove with a spatula and wash with water or lukewarm water. After that, please prepare your skin with AUSE balancer. Because you can change the blending ratio of mask and cream according to skin condition and skin condition, you can use it in accordance with your skin. Furthermore, by mixing at the time of use, the enzyme can be used fresh.

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