Ichikami Hair Styling Water Refill 375Ml

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Prevention beauty hair praised by styling proper care and to hair. damage repair & Prevention while making style with Kagaku certainly no Chikara. Every time you styling beautiful praised hair. Fast sleeping quickly, smoothly through the finger. Moisture to the hair and the background , wellness is sustained. Pure, Wakusa premium extract. Yukinoshita purple brown elmer rice Branch peony skin (button pea), red rice, black rice fermentation, rice EX-S, cherry camellia cedar. Repair + Prevention. Supplied moisture and gloss lost by damage. It improves finger street and prevents damage due to friction. Moist smooth sleep prescription: Give the moisture from the roots of disturbed hair and prepare the base. UV cut ingredients (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) blended. Moisture control. Heat Protect: Protect your hair from the heat of the dryer. Static electricity prevention. Non-silicone prescription. Freshly bloomingly blooming mountain cherry blossoms in full bloom. How to use: Spray around the whole hair moistly, prepare with a hand gesture or brush while doing it, finish with natural drying or a hair dryer. At the beginning of use, remove the stopper and draw the handle several times until fog comes out. The tip of the pink color is not a cap. Do not loosen or remove it.

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