Youth Preserve Essence 130Ml

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Firming essence zeroing in on subcutaneous tissues. The ultimate anti-aging solution that eliminates every nice line on your face. Formulated specifically for skin firming and contour sculpting. Allowing your cosmetic features to stand out with maximum charm. Zeroing in on loose skin, fine lines and expression patterns. The luscious and oceanic essence is refreshing and easy to use. Effortless absorption and assimilation bring the perfectly modelled skin. Upon continuous use, the skin will become most firm and supple and looks blemishless even under close examination. Anti-aging and intensively moisturizing peptides paired with aquaporins nourish each and every inch of skin by actively repairing and revitalizing tissues. suffering from lowered water-absorption capability. Ingredients: Nobel prize-winning component: Aquaporin ~ boost moisture capacity of skin cells Other ingredients: World s first youth water (Mayleech youth formulaTM), peptides, aquaporin, youth water, dalton in the range 2000, natural rice and bran extract, natural glucose, hyaluronic acid, mimosa extract, soluble protein, seaweed, vitamins etc. How to use: Apply daily, morning and night: 1-2 pumps, after serum and cream.

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