Aroma Body Milk 150Ml

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Body milk that spreads the scent slightly and wraps the whole body comfortably. It blends into the skin with an encouraging smoothness and gives the body that dries easily the fresh moisture. Aromatic herbs from the West are woven with the scent of ink, tea, and scented sardines from the east, filling with the freshness of nature. Gently snuggle up to the fluctuations of your mind and enter the world of pleasure at any time. No alcohol added, blended with japanese and Chinese plant extracts. How to use: After bathing, showering, or when you are worried about the bulk of the skin, apply it to the palm of your hand and massage it gently into the whole body or the area of concern. The usage amount is 10 yen coin size (about 1mL) for both arms, legs, bust, waist and hips. The Mika Body Massage, which is performed while feeling the warmth of the palm transmitted to each and every corner, heals not only the body but also the heart, bringing about a smooth and beautiful body.

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