Ceramide Bio Cellulose Mask 1-Piece 1 Pc

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Contains vegetable ceramide Hydrolyzed Konjac by co-developped with Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. Contains salvation of aging care Proteoglycan which is extracted from cartilage of the salmon heads. Using the new sensory sheet Bio cellulose, which is a raw material of Nata de Coco. It meticulously adheres to your skin and infiltrates a lot of beauty extract. Suitable for sensitive skin, combination skin and dry skin types. How to use: Take out from the aluminum bag, spread the sheet and eliminate one nonwoven fabric. Initially align the positions of eyes, nose and mouth. Hold the sheet tightly while holding down the whole face. Remove the remaining nonwoven fabric slowly. Trace the sheet with your fingers to fit the face of your face and keep it close to your skin. Leave as is 15 minutes before removing the seat. Let it fully familiarize the essence that remained on your skin with your hands.

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