Bifesta Facial Wash 120G 3 Types

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Bright-up face wash leading to one-tone bright vine-like skin. Plant-derived soft fiber (cellulose) catches the dark spots on the pores and the dirt is not missed. 2 moisturizing ingredients, to protect the moisture and wash up without a sense of tightness. Cleansing foam that makes for a bright and shiny skin. No fragrance, no color, alcohol free. Clear Facial cleanser with pores and horny clear type. Mandarin orange peel extract (keratinous soft) removes old horny skin and cleans up the smooth skin. Dual Cleansing Makeup remover + face wash type. The moisturizing cleansing ingredients derived from the lotion help to remove dirt and makeup while protecting moisture and lead to clear bare skin. Moist Moist type moisturizer. NMF (natural moisturizing factor) (PCA-Na) formulation leads to moist skin beauty skin. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (about 2 to 3 cm) on the palm of the hand as well as moisten it with water or lukewarm water, and then rinse thoroughly. Pack Size - 120g

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