Maihada Lotion Mask 15 Pcs

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A lotion mask that spreads in the shape of the face when toilet waters are included is soft and soft with 100 % natural synthetic. Penetrate & sustain the beauty ingredients of the lotion with the adhesion effect that integrates with the skin. Let's make your skin clearer with a 5 minute easy lotion mask. Including lotion spreads in the type of face. It's soft and pliable, perfect for your skin. 100 % natural cotton with good water absorption. While firmly fitting to the skin, it delivers moisture firmly. It has a convenient tray that can contain one lotion. 100 % natural cotton use. How to use: Put a mask in the lotion. Include water, remove the mask when it swells sufficiently, spread the mask, adjust to the position of the eyes / mouth, put it on the wig, fits perfectly on the face. Leave as it is for about 5 minutes, peel off. Separate the tray with cover attached to the mask case before use. Remove the transparent film covering the mask along the perforation, take out one by one and use it.

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