Torico Platinum Skin Nanno Collagen 30 Pcs

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The element that keeps the skin taut and freshness is a protein called collagen. 70 % of the skin is composed of collagen, and it decreases to less than half when you reaches 40 years old, compared to the collagen upon 20 years old. As collagen decreases, the elasticity of the skin will be lost and wrinkles and spots will occur. Skin Nanno Collagen is ultra low molecular collagen with molecular weight 400-550, extracted from scales of red snappers. It has a molecular weight of 700 or less, and penetrates quicky to the dermic layer and gives elasticity and moisture. This is an excellent collagen which is beyond the common sense of the collagen until now. How to use: As a skincare: When cleaning in the night, mix a trace amount in the lotion to the whole skin. Firmly rework wrinkles and spots. There may be a feeling of tightness when the amount to mix is too much (It is due to natural gelatin quality). As it is 100 % natural collagen, mix immediately before use (no preservatives are used). As a drink: Excellent digestion and absorption in the body. It is also strong against heat, so you can take it by mixing with food and drink, etc. One tablet per day is a standard, although you can feel the effect as soon as you get more.

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