S-Series Body Lotion For Sensitive Skin 150Ml

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Sensitive skin care series. Lotion giving moisture to your skin plump. Contains moisture ingredient shiso leaf extract. When you start painting, it is a lotion that grows like water. Milky gel prevents drying while refreshing. Facial cleansing gel - It is a gel-like form that makes it easy to color across the body after bathing. It is a skin care series that you can use even for those with sensitive skin. Children from 3 months old to elderly people can use it widely. Fragrance-free, non-colored, weakly acidic. Apply appropriate amount to clean skin. After taking the bath and cleansing, use it on the skin that is worrisome for rosy. You can use it not only for your face but also for hands, elbows, arms, knees, heels and legs.

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