Liftarna Clear Wash Powder 32 Pcs

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Turn off pore dirt and arrange the mask's face familiarity to good condition. Cleansing powder containing black charcoal. Cleaner dirt clogged in pores with W enzyme of proteolytic enzyme and sebum digesting enzyme. Non-slip cut processing film which can be opened without irritation even with wet hands adopted film. Black powder blended with charcoal adsorbs sebum. Rinse off the dirt on the skin surface and peeled dead skin, and cleanses the sebum that accumulates in the pores that are difficult to remove with the garments face, and also the dead skin. Black cosmetic antiseptic powder blended with charcoal (sebum adsorbable component) firmly takes skin dirt. With mannan (scrub agent) formulation, it is gentle, pores are refreshing. Combine arch chalk leaf extract, firmly clean pore dirt, clean up your skin tightly and cleanly. Since you are using amino acid based cleaning ingredients, it is easy to wash with less strain on your skin. Combine collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide and other skin moisturizing ingredients, as well as do not purchase the washing up bumps. How to use: Take one bag of powder in your palm, wash well with a small amount of water or lukewarm water, wash it thoroughly. Use one bag at a time.

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