Coffret Dor Smile Up Cheeks N 4 Types

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Teak that will increase the color of your face to makeup products finish. If you put the color with fluffy gradation, well-fitted skin, you can create a three-dimensional feeling on your face. Since Coffret D'or renewed Smile Up Cheek N has pre-dusting in the state of gradation. It is easy to take natural curtains and brushes on the cheeks and then a natural gradation is completed. With the ingredients of commitment, it will make natural natural luster coloring. Powder formulated with fossil oil. To a finish with a sensation of bloody color and gloss as it springs up. Oil coating powder which is particular about finish is compounded. Pearl and talc are beautifully colored, giving us a sensation of bloody sensation, gloss feeling and transparency as the skin itself got moist. Two color familiar cheek color and two colors transparent beautiful skin powder to produce glossy shine are set. By arranging a loose powder that gives a high coloring cheek color and a transparent feeling to the outside in the center component of the powder, the familiarization of the skin becomes a natural finish. In palm-sized rather pact, the dedicated brush is designed to fit exactly. Since the brush enters in the pact, it is convenient to carry around. It is a pleasing point to be able to turn on favorite color at any time. Color variation that gives a stereoscopic effect a familiar skin. 01 Soft Peach: Soft peach that adapts to any skin color. 02 Sheer Pink: Blessly complement the whiteness of the skin pink blush. 03 Coral Beige: Natural beige finishing to an elegant adult impression. 04 Cassis Rose: Cassis pale with a trend to finish with a feminine impression. How to use: Apply two colors of teak color to the brush so as to draw an ellipse outwards, centering on the highest part of the cheek.

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