Doctor Eye Stretch Serum 18Ml

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Profiles with prominent eyes have a significant effect on the appearance. If the eyes with a firmness generate a youthful look and feel a lot happier. Make skin care and makeup products even more fun. Effectively supports the feeling of firmness around the eyes. How to use: Use it at the end of morning and evening care. Take an appropriate amount (1 push) and spread it with your fingertips. Not only from the outer corner of the eyes, but also from the lower eyelids to the inner corner of the eye, do not use force and let it lightly touch with a gentle touch. It is also recommended for spine lines, forehead and neck lines, and crepe on the back of the hand. If you use it with your fingertips while pulling up the corners of the eyes. It fits nicely into the lower eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes.

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