Hair Treatment Wake Up 200Ml

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Milk-type treatment that moisturizes and gives a glossy finish with a light finish. Can also be used as a non-washing treatment. Uses oils derived from natural plants such as hydrogenated rapeseed oil, argan oil, squalane and macadamia nut oil, which are excellent in moisturizing and glossing. Fragrance: Herbal notes such as rosemary and lavender, and harmony of citrus fragrances such as Valencia orange and Italian lemon supply the energy to awaken the mind and body. The scent of rosemary, orange and lemon. How to use: After shampooing, drain thoroughly and apply an appropriate amount to the entire body, centering on the ends of the hair. If you want to increase the effect, leave it for 3 minutes and wash it thoroughly. When using in an out bath, apply an appropriate amount to wet hair. Let it dry with a dryer after use.

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