Bijou De Mer Rejuve Face Renewal Pack 50G

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Bijou De Mer means Gem Of The Sea. Cosmetics of eternity delivered by the sea. Gift from the sea brings refined quality to your skin. The sea is the source of energy for the Earth. Only 5 % of the sea has been explored, and the Earth s treasures remain hidden in the sea. Bijou De Mer is a cosmetic product named gem of the sea and contains a high concentration of marine microorganisms as its ingredient. An enormous number of microorganisms inhabit the sea, and the chemical structures of the substances found in these marine microorganisms (phytoplankton) were found to be complex, rare, and varied compared to those found in plants, as well as having good activities. These findings accelerated the research of marine microorganisms. The technical ingredients we have used are received directly from BiotechMarine (expert on algae and coastal plants) in France, who succeeded in the elucidation of in the past unknown marine microorganisms, and LIPOTRUE (expert on the research on marine microorganisms) in Spain. We utilize the leading edge manufacturing facilities in Japan and the traditional manufacturing technology to the maximum to develop and produce products with efficacy and safety. Fulfilling sensation with moisture. Creates soft, moist, and firm skin. Enjoyment of skin treatment with a cream pack with rich, concentrated consistency is pure luxury. The cream smoothly wraps the skin, allowing siritalice (Bacillus Ferment) to shape the concerning lines in V kind. The product provides moisture and watery feel while resolving rough edges, creating soft skin. Careful selection of marine beauty components, also called the gem of the sea is compounded abundantly. Aging care (Care applied according to the age) created from the treasures of the sea is delivered to your skin. Pack Size - 50g

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