Mould Remover 150G

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Hong Kong is hot and humid, where the best place to gather mold. Especially where in/on kitchen, walls, bathroom is always clean stubborn. UYEKI to mold agent - in addition to mold a real powerful feature that enables you to easily clean mold you worry scale, needle-nose design even small slits also easy addition to mold. Gum design, does not drip: Mildew gum locking mold fouling agent, especially for window frames, the ceiling higher position. To mold inhibition, last for a month: Particularly strong ingredients, starting from the roots to the mold. Design their thin needle mouth, deep slit. Nuisance irritation, mild odor: Ingredients chlorine compounds containing only a slight odor, no stimulation. How to use: Place the gel on the mould for 4-6 hours, use a wet cloth to clean it. Ingredient: hypochlorite

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