Multi-Concealer Palette 2 Types

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Conceal different skin lacunes that vary in size and color intensity. Four colors carefully selected for Japanese ladies. A concealer palette that can handle any color unevenness that varies in color intensity and size. How to select a pallet: Select a skin tone color set on the left side of the palette and your own skin color close. Bear under the eyes: One use of skin tone color. Using the included brush, cover the area from the eyes to the side of the eyes. With your finger or brush, let the concealer stick to your skin. Thin stain: One use of skin tone color. Using the included tip, let's you draw on the area of interest. Dark stain: Take the camouflage color on the right side of the pallet on the chip and place the concealer on the part you want to cover. Make the skin touch the skin tone color with a brush (or finger tip).

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