Premium Cc Loose Powder 2 Types

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Pink control powder gives a translucent feeling with blood, covering color unevenness with sheer beige CC loose powder to compensate skin color. Powder that emits pink light, directs a sense of bloody while covering dullness. Effect of glossy powder: Reflecting light uniformly on the skin and giving a transparent feeling. Fine fine particles than fine baby's texture to fine feel. Smooth feeling of use by sliding plate-like powder. Even if time goes by, it keeps climbing, keeping a sense of transparency. How to use: When using for the first time, use it after peeling off the inner lid slowly but surely hence the powder of contents does not splash. Open the upper lid, hold the puff down, turn the case upside down, swing up as well as down and sweep, take powder and spread evenly on your skin. Pack Size - 11g

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