Softymo Cleansing Wash 200Ml Hyaluronic Acid

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A facial cleanser that removes makeup and dirt once with a soft, fluffy foam. Easy, fluffy and gentle foam removes makeup and dirt. New blend of soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing). Soy milk fermentation broth is a kind of moisturizing ingredient. The isoflavones contained in soy milk fermented liquid are said to have a strong moisturizing effect as well as a smooth and supple skin effect. Hyaluronic Acid W hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) formulation. The skin is full of moisture. White Contains vitamin C derivatives (antioxidants for products). Makes your skin feel transparent. How to use: When you press the pump, it comes out as a bubble. Put an appropriate amount on the palm (press the pump 3 times). Gently wash your face, and then rinse thoroughly. When removing makeup that is difficult to remove. Wash with a lot of foam without getting your face and hands wet.

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