Aire Dune Ex Shampoo 250Ml

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Salon Quality Hair Care series at home by MUCOTA. Mucota Adllura Aire series is manufactured under the design by professional hair stylists and is focused on 2 functions - Moisturizing and Emolient. Adllura Aire's texturizing effect is created by combining of textures in the best balance of water, oil and protein, which leads to a finest balance of 2 different types of textures (such as moisture and volume). Aire Dune EX Shampoo is an extra moisturizing line of Aire series, which the repairing power and water retention capacity are maximized. The shampoo conditions damaged hair, dried-out hair, frizzy hair, harsh hair etc. to moisturized and gentle textured mane by approaching hurt part intensively. Contained highly water-retaining active agent supples plenty of CMC while washing hairs, and leads to soft and elegant hair. The sweet scent of Mangosteen.

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