Squalane 60Ml

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Squalane innocence reaches 99.9 %, the highest in the world and is quite near to man s sebum. It forms a layer on the skin surface which can prevent the loss of moisture, smoothes and brightening the skin. Additionally, it provides extraordinary antioxidant effect, improves skin dullness, strengthen skin repair results. Besides, Squalane can alleviate the following symptoms: Miliaria Diaper Rash Bruise Minor Cuts Insect Stings Scald After Shave Frostbites Cracked Heels Athlete s Foot Mole Mild Hair loss Acnes Stretch Mark Massage How to Use: After cleansing and moisturizing, when the face is still wet, apply a number of drops on palm, gently massage to the face until absorbed completely. Pack Size - 60ml

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