White Hand Cover Cream Spf 16 Pa+ 50G

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A hand foundation that hides hand stains and wrinkles and age spots simply by painting. Produces a longing hand that is smooth and beautiful. For worrisome zits, dullness, and fine wrinkles on worrisome hands. A hand foundation that produces white, smooth and beautiful hands simply by painting. Hide spots and dullness. Contains white powder (titanium oxide) for bright and natural white skin. Fill the nice wrinkles. Contains line mousse component (PET) for less wrinkled skin. Gives moisture to the skin and moisturizes the skin. Can be used on neck, arms and legs. Contains 3 kinds of beauty ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, pearl extract) and leads to moist and smooth skin. Slightly elegant rose scent. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount (2 pearls) to the back and fingers of the hand. Could be used on the neck, arms and legs. It becomes whiter when we put it again. Can be removed with soap, body soap, etc. After applying, gently wipe the palm of your hand with a tissue to avoid adhesion to clothing. Be careful not to get on clothing as it may be difficult to remove it.

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