Kiladoll Eye Mask 5 Pairs 2 Types

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Golden Crystal Collagen: Eye mask made for dull skin and fine lines around the eyes. Strengthen the skin's old dead skin cells, slow down the visual appeal of fine lines on the eye area, dilute the darkness of the skin around the eyes. Help to bid farewell to the fine lines around the eyes, and effectively replenish the eye area with bright and nutritious skin. hydrating and Locking the skin, tightening the skin around the eyes, smoothing fine lines, diminishing dullness, brightening the skin around the eyes, keeping the skin young and delicate. Vita Crystal Collagen: Enhanced by the jelly-like design, the nutrients instantly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, keeping the skin young and bright. There is a delicate and elastic skin that helps the skin around the eyes to be supple, without traces and bright white, making the skin around the eyes youthful. Nourish the eye area, promote skin activation, tighten eye area, dilute melanin, improve dullness, make eye area bright and moving. How to use: Use after cleaning and lotion, tear opened the package and remove the eye mask. Light under the eyes or the law lines. Remove after 20 minutes and massage until fully absorbed. After using the eye mask, it can be placed in hot water to be reduced to essence, which can be used for bathing or even washing. Pack Size - 5 pairs

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