Toner Xl 600Ml 3 Types

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600ml of toner makes skin invigorated and moist. It s a multi care product which is able to fill skin with moisture anytime by making use of the toner as a daily treatment. Honey Luminous Royal Propolis: Provides rich nutrition from honey to give hydration and firmness. Makes dull skin luminous by filling and nourishing skin with high-moisturizing nutrients. The toner is absorbed in the skin refreshingly without stickiness and residual toner on the skin. It cares skin moistly with its exceptional moisturizing ability which fills skin from the deep. Marine Luminous Pearl: Makes a refined and smoother complexion with the vitality from deep ocean. Makes skin radiant with triple hyaluronic acid, marine energy, and pearl materials. Because the toner contains high-moisturizing triple hyaluronic acid, marine energy which contains life force of pure ocean and pearl extract which makes skin gorgeous, it makes skin firm by supplying nutrients to skin. Low viscosity toner which contains full of nutrients. The low viscosity toner makes skin moisturized and firm. Glow Luminous Flower: Rose water a radiant and revitalized complexion. Rose water and 4 kinds of flower extract for instance cherry blossom, lavender, calendula and moring are contained in the toner, it cares skin livelily. Refreshing transparent toner which is not sticky. The warm water types toner which is absorbed in the skin lightly makes skin moist by soothing dead cells of dryness of skin. How to use: Take some of the toner on the cotton pad or hands and sweep off skin at the first stage of skincare.

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