Bc Intensive Skin Booster 1 Set

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One-Agent Powder 0.3g 3 2 Essence 10ml 3 3 Eyedropper Caps Intensive Care Serum for quickly restoring the skin from the foundation. By using it on a clean skin after facial cleansing, in addition to enhancing the effect of skin care to be used next, it brings out remarkable elasticity and elasticity. Furthermore, with the brightening function, the transparency of the skin is up. Within a month, the ideal skin full of richness and transparency will come true. Osmotic vitamin C derivative APPS which can be compounded by freeze-drying process of proprietary technology permeates permanently and haste and intensive care and Hari also have a sense of transparency. Roughly 10 days 3 sets. Usage sequence: Cleansing > Washing Face > BC Intensiveness Skin Booster > Cosmetic Liquid > BC Beauty Concentrate > Eye Essence > Milky Lotion > BC Night Intensive Cream How to use: Before use, it is a two-part mixed type beauty essence that mixes 1 drug powder and 2 essence essence. By using it on the skin immediately after cleansing, it penetrates quickly and deeply and delivers more vitamin C. Remove the rubber plug of the bottle of 1 powder. Throw away the rubber plug you removed. Pour all 2 essence essences into (1). Throw away the two essence containers. Apply a dropper cap to the bottle, leave it for 1 to 2 minutes, shake gently. When using, remove the small cap of the tip of the dropper and turn it upside down and push the nozzle part.

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