Head Spa Aratogi Brush 1 Pc

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It was developed under La Cast official head therapist production. It reaches the scalp, it can brush my hair firmly brush. The large cushion surface is outstanding in elasticity, giving a pleasant stimulation to the scalp during brushing. Furthermore, thick and long nylon hair reaches firmly to the scalp, demonstrating a high massage effect. The amount of hair is large, hair which is concerned about stiffness and spreading is also arranged into a smooth mane with cohesion. How to use: Brushing forehead: With a feeling like stretching the wrinkles on the amount you care about, to a comfortable degree while lifting the bangs. Brushing on the side: Brushing from the side towards the back of the head is effective for lift-up. The proper side is smooth with the left hand and the left side with the right hand. Brushing of the top of the head: Brushing so that pressure is applied from the back of the head to the top of the head with his head slightly downward, It also reduces neck plus stiff neck by scalp massage effect.

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