Saborino Morning Mask 6 Types

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The morning mask Saborino change your chaotic morning skin care. This is an all-in-one mask for the morning that can be used for face washing, skin care and moisturizing. When you don't need to wash your face, a short face mask will make your skin wake up and moisturize. The mask can be quickly removed with a single touch, and it fits perfectly on the wrinkles of the eyes and cheeks. A 60-second pack for easy care even in active mornings. Fruity Herbal for moisturizing. Grapefruit for refreshing. Kiwi Yogurt for transparent white. Ripe Fruits for highly moisturizing. Muscat for moisturizing. How to use: Remove the mask from the bag one by one and spread it. Place the mask on the face while spreading it, and fit it while stretching it left and right. It is highly recommended to put off the mask in 60 seconds and then complete. After applying it, you can apply makeup as it is.

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