Skin Rhythm Moisty Dense Gel Uv Spf 30 Pa++ 100G

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Caring in the morning, this one. The skin moisture continues throughout the day. Uruoi penetration & veil prescription developed for the daytime. Focusing on external stress received during the day, it keeps moisture of the skin firmly by W effect of moisturizing and ultraviolet cutting. Marine Placenta, W collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, glycerin (moisturizing) formulation. 7 roles with 1 item. Dense gel spreading like melting. Perfect gel with seven effects of lotion, milky lotion, essence, cream, pack, makeup base, UV cut. Dense gel containing a lot of moisture permeates to skin surface. It arranges make-up cosmetics into fine skin. Uncolored mineral oil. Refreshing with a fresh scent. Aroma of natural aroma. Fragrance of fresh floral blended with 5 kinds of natural aroma. How to use: After washing your face, take the amount of pearl grain 2-3 on your fingertip and spread evenly on your skin so that it gets you well from around 5 chin, cheeks, nose, and wipes. You can also use it with other skin care items. When removing, carefully wash with cleanser.

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