Meique Rakuda Mascara 2 Types

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Using the know-how of a hair care store, we focused on eyelashes that have a shorter hair cycle than hair. A new mascara that can make your eyes look like a camel while taking care of your eyelashes. Because it is an extremely light fiber, it has a long-lasting curl. Eyelash care can be made easy with mascara with 8 types of serum ingredients. It is effective when used together with the eyelash serum Eyelash Rakuda Eyelash Serum from the same eyecare brand Meique. Long In addition, the original brush makes the hair longer. Furthermore, cleansing is simple because it can certainly be easily gotten rid of with hot water. Volume In addition, the volume can be simply produced with an original brush, and cleansing is also easy because it can be simply gotten rid of with hot water. How to use: Fit the concave component of the curve of the brush to the root of the eyelashes. Apply film solution to lift the entire eyelashes. For long and volume, after finishing the whole, make the brush vertical. Apply the tip of the eyelashes to the end of the eyelashes. For curl long lasting, it is effective to lightly reapply the eyelasher after it is completely dry. If you get around your eyes, it can be removed with a cotton swab after drying. Pack Size - 6g

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