Maihada Sumihada Clear Skin Whitening Toner 120Ml

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Medicated skin whitening lotion gives a clear and transparent feel to the skin concerned with dullness. Skin whitening active ingredients penetrate even corners. To suppress the formation of melanin, to prevent spots and freckles, to a bright, shining skin that is full of moisture. The whitening active ingredient suppresses excessive production of melanin. The skin-whitening active ingredient contains a long-lasting familiar deep vitamin C derivative. It penetrates even into the corners of the stratum corneum, suppresses the formation of melanin, and prevents spots and freckles. Rice For bare skin that will emit light from inside with the power of fermentation. with the moisturizing ingredients derived from elmer rice and the power of fermentation, the stratum corneum is smoothly prepared, and it leads to clear skin like you go through. Texture that a lot of whitening beyond whitening. Texture that has a high penetration and no stickiness is comfortable to use, plenty of moisture, easy to use feel throughout the year. How to use: A 500 yen coin is appropriate amount. After facial cleansing, take on the palm or cotton, let it gently adapt to your skin while putting it gently pushed with the ponpon. Wrap your face like it gently soaks in the palm of your hand. Gently adapt to your skin while gently pulling up from the inside of the face toward the outside.

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