Botanical Esthe Sheet Mask 30 Pcs 2 Types

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It is a sheet mask that can be completed with just one sheet from face wash to make-up base in only 55 seconds with no garments required. Domestic natural 100 % cotton material adheres firmly to the unevenness of the skin. Age Moist: Night skin care is completed in a short occasion with the smell of new apple rose. White: Fruity sweet orange scent, fresh, moist and transparent feeling up. How to use: Use after removing makeup. Take out mask one by one and spread. After fitting the eyes and mouth to your face, fit the rest. Leave 55 seconds as it is, remove mask and fold mask lightly and wipe off skin. It is more effective if you put it with a mask and let the liquid soak with your palm. If drying is an issue, it is more effective to leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then remove the mask. Pack Size - 30 pcs

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