Hand Care Essence 30Ml

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Brand new hand care essence through collaboration with Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kinki University. PUELY is happy to introduce this hand care essence which borrowed voices of professionals in beauty industry. Under the concept From Moisturizing to give to Moisturizing to cultivate, PUELY Hand Care Essence drives your hands to enchanting skins like which someone desires to hold tightly. This essence is manufactured simply for skin conditioning and moisturizing, by containing silk protein which is produced domestically without heated and without adding chemical component. Also thie essence contains polimer marin collagen developed by Kinki University, and nanosynthesized liposomal permeable ceramide. In addition to above 3 ingredients which are focused on its fixing muscular strength to skins, PUELY Hand Care Essence adds 2 natural domestic essences, Indian mulberry juice and Acer palmatum leaf extract. The essence is also an aging care essence which gives moisturizing power and softness to your hand skin that works hard every day, and you are able to realize that your hands are moisturized immediately after applying.

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