Happy Elephant Bathroom Cleaner 400Ml

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Happy Elephant's Bathroom Liquid Cleaner, made of 100 % nature-derived materials. Fine Foam produced by 100 % nature-derived materials cleans bathing soaks firmly. After drainage, the cleaner is biodegraded quickly by microbes and returns to the earth. The refreshing scent of grapefruit (100 % natural grapefruit essential oil). Petroleum-based surfactant-free, synthetic fragrance-free, coloring agent-free. How yo use: Upon Using, rotate the injection port and set On to tht top, and always keep it off after using. Wet the tub with water, and spray on dirt area. Scrub lightly with a sponge, and rinse off. It is effective to leave 2-3 minutes after spraying before cleansing, if the tub is very dirty.

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