Madame Henna Herbal Treatment Color Set 4 Pcs 4 Types

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Henna Herbal Treatment Color 25g x 4 Cape Turban x 1 Gloves x 1 pair You can enjoy white hair dyeing while implementing a treatment pack of plants to the scalp and hair. No chemical dye used (natural herbs only). Placement time is short 30-40 minutes. Making use of the highest quality A-rank Henna harvested in India. Furthermore, turmeric, licorice, etc. are blended to give a firm, supple and glossy hair treatment . How to use: For one pack of henna, melt in lukewarm water (40 C or less) with about 100cc to make a paste. Wear gloves and a cape turban and apply the paste by hand to the hair and scalp. After application, wrap the hair in a cape turban and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then wash with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly. Use Be sure to perform a skin allergy test (patch test) before each use. if you notice any abnormalities on your skin or scalp, or if you notice any abnormalities, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use if you have had a hair dye rash in the past. Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Keep out of reach of young children. You need to keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. After opening, use within 3 a few months to avoid contact with air, and use up the melted material within the day.

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